Ebay and my shame


There it is, staring at me from ‘My Ebay’, my shame. I haven’t bid on it, and I have absolutely no intention of bidding for it but it’s there, testament to my questionable taste, a blot on my hitherto blemish free Ebay landscape.

Mens Fashion Black Leather Gusset Slip On Shoe Size 11

What on Earth was I possibly thinking; they’re not even new shoes. Slip on shoes, why oh why did I look at them, let alone ‘Watch’ them. I should delete them from my watch list, I really should, but I first thought I’d share my shame with the rest of the world, not that the rest of the world knows about me or my blog, but the very act of admitting my shame has been a little cathartic.

I may well come back to my shame theme, Lord help me if this blog does ever garner some kind of readership.


Hello world!


So now I’ve got a blog and I don’t know what to do with it. I really only got it to try and leave a comment in another blog, not that it worked out that way. So I didn’t get to leave a comment and now I have a blog, so what to do with it. Well, I work in I.T. so I guess I’m going to have plenty of time to ponder that one, and maybe the results will appear here … real soon now.